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1st Week | July 8th - 12th ------------------------------------------------------> Art

1st Week | July 8th - 12th


Campers will delve into the vibrant world of creativity and art, experimenting with a diverse array of mediums and embarking on an array of imaginative projects.

2nd Week | July 15th - 19th --------------------------------------------------------> Games

2nd Week | July 15th - 19th


Campers will learn by playing a variety of games (classic playground games, sports, board games, and team-building games). They will also have the chance to create their own games.

3rd Week | July 22nd -26th ------------------------------------------------------> Nature

3rd Week | July 22nd -11th


Campers will immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world, discovering its wonders through a series of engaging activities and hands-on environmental projects.

4th Week | July 29th - August 2nd ------------------------------------------------------> Theater

4th Week | July 29th - August 2nd


Campers will create a theatrical production and perform it for their parents.  They will take on a role suited to their personality and interests–such as an actor, set designer, or stage manager.  

5th Week |August 5th - 9th ---------------------------------------------------> Outside Experiments

5th Week |August 5th - 9th

Science Experiments

Campers will become scientists and perform experiments outdoors. They will learn about nature while having fun in the sun.

Middle School

6th-8th Grade

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Middle School is where young people rapidly start owning their education. Middle school is the perfect time to develop intellect and character while gaining a deeper sense of self and the real world. Students have a broad palette of topics to study and pair in-depth academic exploration with real-world connections to experts and local apprenticeships. Middle School is about deepening a passion for individual subjects while broadening your understanding of yourself and your future.