Laura Sandefer

October 29, 2014

My parenting quandary:

My child is deeply stressed about the deadlines in school.

I’m in the mood to lecture because it’s easy and time efficient.

BUT… I’m an Acton parent and, intellectually, I understand this does not work.

SO… I dig deeper into myself and come up with one of two things:

1) A question phrased with two options for answers knowing this will open up the conversation for me to learn more about his experience;


2) A story – hopefully one from my childhood that makes me the vulnerable protagonist.

The power of storytelling isn’t just that it is fun.

The power is rooted in the human body’s chemistry.

I like to take this article about storytelling and substitute the words “organization” and “business” with “family.” http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/10/why-your-brain-loves-good-storytelling/?utm_source=Socialflow&utm_medium=Tweet&utm_campaign=Socialflow

Because isn’t Family the human organization needing this kind of transformation the most? I know ours is.

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