Laura Sandefer

February 13, 2013

Michael Horn of Innosight Institute visited Acton Academy this week. It was a thrill to have him in our midst and let him see the Acton method in practice. After he left he texted Heather Staker who was touring the nation speaking on blended learning and said: “I see why you moved your children here.” I hold the highest esteem for Heather and Michael’s work.

The following blog is an excellent read on blended learning for you to enjoy. It’s rewarding to see Acton Academy being noted within this important national discussion:

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Middle School is where young people rapidly start owning their education. Middle school is the perfect time to develop intellect and character while gaining a deeper sense of self and the real world. Students have a broad palette of topics to study and pair in-depth academic exploration with real-world connections to experts and local apprenticeships. Middle School is about deepening a passion for individual subjects while broadening your understanding of yourself and your future.