Laura Sandefer

February 19, 2015

One key skill in Socratic guiding is the ability to gauge the energy in a room and adjust the experience or environment accordingly.

At Acton, we do this at the micro level such as in the midst of a Socratic discussion and at the macro level with our 11-months academic calendar. The goal? Capitalizing on the mental and physical energy essential for learning while preventing burnout, a real killer of curiosity.

As a parent, I’ve learned from this to pay attention to my children’s mental and physical states of well-being before diving into difficult conversations or tasks.

The intention behind our annual academic calendar is all about riding the ebb and flow of mental, physical and spiritual energy in order to enhance learning. As a community, we run hard for 5-6 weeks; then rest. Rest is critical but too much rest is counterproductive to the momentum in learning; hence, we build in a 6-7 week summer break rather than three months.

Take note of our next academic year calendar below. (It looks a bit different than year’s past because of Labor Day falling later.)

2015-2016 School Calendar

August 28: Welcome back party, 10am – Noon on campus

Monday, August 31: First Day of School – Launch of a 5 Day Acton Boot Camp to gear up for the year

Monday, September 7, Labor Day – No School

October 12-16: Fall Break

November 23-27: Thanksgiving Break

December 21 – January 3: Holiday Break

February 15-19: Winter Break

March 28-April 8: Spring Break

May 23- May 30: Early Summer Break

July 15: Last Day of school

I hope you have rested and played well this Winter Break. I’ll be ready to say, “Good Morning” early on Monday morning.

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