Laura Sandefer

February 6, 2013

When asked what they would like us to know about our communication with them, the children said:

  • Remember that we’re all on the same team.
  • Stop for a moment and think about the other person before you respond.
  • If you are in a bad mood, it’s better to hold your tongue.
  • Speak honestly and clearly, but not harshly.
  • Never forget that you have a deep influence on others.
  • Ask yourself, “Where did that come from?”

Yesterday, when we came together as parents of the Acton Eagles, we breathed deeply and asked each other:

What is sarcasm? Is it ever okay to be sarcastic? When? What about snarkiness? Humor or scars revealed? Does the giver or receiver of a message define whether it is a hurtful one?

I thank you for the open and lively discussion.

The Eagles are bravely and honestly working through these same questions. Learning to be in relationship with self and others is a lifelong process. At Acton we give a great amount of space and time to such stretching. As reflected in the children’s list of things they want us to remember, we have much to learn from these young souls. I continue to be grateful for the learning I experience in this community.

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