Hero’s Journey


One path to grit is through “deliberate practice” as described by Angela Duckworth in her bestseller, “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.” It includes:
1. A clearly defined stretch goal
2. Full concentration and effort


On our journey of learning, looking back is important but so is the looking forward. Anticipation opens the door for extending joy and curiosity.
As a parent, I can either spark excitement or dread with my own mood and questions today.

Middle School

6th-8th Grade

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Middle School is where young people rapidly start owning their education. Middle school is the perfect time to develop intellect and character while gaining a deeper sense of self and the real world. Students have a broad palette of topics to study and pair in-depth academic exploration with real-world connections to experts and local apprenticeships. Middle School is about deepening a passion for individual subjects while broadening your understanding of yourself and your future.